• “courage is the father of success.”

  • “He who does not look ahead always remains behind.”

  • “Those who train themselves in wisdom cultivate true courage.”

  • “One man with courage is a majority.”

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Leadership – 2 Days

Who should attend?

  • Everybody - we are all leaders
  • Anyone who wants to grow into a senior leadership position
  • Anyone currently in a senior management position
  • Anyone who currently owns their own business
  • Anyone who is looking to start their own business

What does the academy cover?

  • An introduction to servant leadership - 30 mins
  • Self leadership: Know yourself – interactive workshop - 3 h
    • Leadership and emotional intelligence
    • Understanding individual differences
    • Clarifying your own values, vision and leadership style
    • Listening with heart, communication skills and handling conflict
  • Understanding the personal side of change – interactive workshop - 3h
    • Your responsibility to grow and change
    • How you think your assumptions, perceptions and prejudices
    • Understanding the energy of resistance
    • Understanding the change cycle
    • Understanding and managing personal transition
  • Senior leadership – Presentation 30 mins
  • Implementing leadership skills at senior level – Interactive workshop 3h
    • Strategic alignment: vision, mission strategy and values
    • Being a leader vs being a manager
    • Developing teams for optimal performance and aligning performance
    • Tools and resources available for assessment and development in your organisation
  • Transforming your organisation – Presentation 30 mins
  • Dealing with a chaotic environment/change leadership – Interactive workshop 3h
    • New business reality in the 21st century
    • Systems thinking and change
    • Transformation and change how do you handle and react to change
    • Tools and resources for Implementing successful change
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