• “courage is the father of success.”

  • “He who does not look ahead always remains behind.”

  • “Those who train themselves in wisdom cultivate true courage.”

  • “One man with courage is a majority.”

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creative IN AFRICA

Creative Studio – 2 Days

Who would benefit?

  • Any art director and copywriter who is looking to boost their knowledge of the business.
  • Any ad professional, who is looking to grow their digital media knowledge.
  • Any Brand, Media or marketing specialist who wants to boost their knowledge of the creative process
  • Any student who is looking to build a career in the advertising industry
  • Any creative who is hoping to gain confidence in pitches and competitive advantage in awards.

What does the academy cover?

  • Understanding the mediums:
    • Radio (45mins),Digital (45mins), TV (45mins), OOH (45mins), Integrated Campaign (45mins)
  • How to develop great ideas – 55 Mins
    • The Creative Process in Agencies
    • Understanding the Consumer
  • How to work with clients – 55 Mins
    • How are clients structured and what are the measured on?
    • Understanding how clients brief
    • How do clients evaluate creative work
    • What do clients want from an Agency?
  • How to pitch…and win – 55 Mins
    • 4 step pitching process
  • How to enter competitions…and win – 35 Mins
    • Insights from the worlds most experienced judges.
  • Embracing Digital – 55 Mins
    • What is digital?
    • Terminology
    • What can it do for a Brand
    • How should I approach it
    • How do I measure it?
  • Media and the Creative Agency – 55 Mins
    • Why creative people need to understand media
    • Qualities of media types
    • Innovation in Media
    • Content and the future
    • Consumer Journeys and Media
  • Putting it into action (workshop)…how to solve problems quickly
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