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  • “Those who train themselves in wisdom cultivate true courage.”

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Communication in Africa

Communication LAB – 1 Day

Who would benefit?

  • Any Media, Brand or Marketing specialist who is looking to boost their career in the communications industry.
  • Any Media, Brand or Marketing specialist, who is looking to grow their advertising, media strategy and digital knowledge
  • Marketers interested in deriving better value and delivery from their media / creative agencies.
  • Any Media, Brand or Marketing specialist who is looking to understand their consumer better and how to effectively communicate with them.
  • Any Media, Brand or Marketing specialist wanting to understand effective budget setting and management better.

What does the academy cover?

  • Understanding advertising and working with an agency/client – 55 Mins
    • How is the industry structured?
    • How do they operate commercially?
    • Who does what?
    • How an Agency is structured and how it functions culturally.
    • What can an Agency Deliver to my brand?
    • Briefing an agency
    • Motivating an Agency
    • Understanding the client / agency relationship
  • Understanding your consumer – 35 Mins
    • Key consumer Terms and Concepts
    • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
    • The Consumer Journey
  • Commercial marketing – 35 Mins
    • Service Agreements and how to manage them
    • Understanding the ROI
    • Sustainability and Future profits
  • Setting & Managing a budget and achieving KPI’s – 55 Mins
    • How to set budgets. A few methods and processes
    • How to set and manage KPI’s for all elements of the Integrated Communication Process
    • Helping your agency to set budgets
    • Managing media investment
    • Managing a Production budget
    • Looking at programmatic media buying and its benefits
  • Embracing Digital – 55 Mins
    • What is digital?
    • Terminology
    • What can it do for a Brand
    • How should I approach it
    • How do I measure it?
  • Integrated Communications Planning – 55 Mins
    • What is ICP?
    • What process should I follow?
    • Who should I involve
    • What will the outcome look like
    • Multi-media vs Integrated communication
  • Product Development and innovation – 55 Mins
    • How can Product Innovation drive the bottom line
    • How to stimulate more innovation from your agency
    • How to access risk and ROI
  • Trade Marketing and the BTL Agency – 55 Mins
    • What is BTL advertising?
    • How does it fit into the total picture.
    • Developing a strategy and tactics.
    • Managing multiple agencies well
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